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Meet Theresia: Pantea Moshfegh

May 17, 2019

Meet violinist Pantea Moshfegh, a period instrument enthusiast and one of the newest member of Theresia: “It’s a very pleasant feeling to make music with so many great musicians who have the same passion for music.”

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Meet Theresia: Irina Fârtat

May 8, 2019

Violist and violinist Irina Fârtat is one of the youngest in Theresia: she is 23 years old, and she’s just started her experience in Theresia playing in Lodi and Mantua. Let’s find more about her.

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Meet Theresia: Camilo Arias

April 28, 2019

Let’s meet violinist Camilo Arias, one of the six musicians joining Theresia for the first time

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Meet Theresia: Sophie Simpson

February 6, 2019

“I like working with Theresia because I have met some wonderful musicians with whom I have so much in common, and who inspire me to think and play in different ways. Above all, I have made some great new friends who I hope to remain in contact with forever. Working regularly with the same group of musicians from all over the world is an opportunity I haven’t had through any other ensemble.”

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Meet Theresia: Martyna Jankowska

January 30, 2019

Incontriamo la violoncellista polacca Martyna Jankowska che ci racconta passato, presente e futuro della sua passione per la musica

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Meet Theresia: Gemma Longoni

December 13, 2018

“Fare la spalla d Theresia è stata un’esperienza nuova, che mi ha costretta a mettermi in gioco e mi ha fatto diventare più forte. Ora sono spesso chiamata a fare la spalla anche di altri ensemble orchestrali.”

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Meet Theresia: Eva Ivanova-Dyatlova

June 15, 2018

Intervista con Eva Ivanova-Dyatlova, flautista barocca da quest’anno tra le fila di Theresia

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Meet Theresia: Marcello Trinchero

June 14, 2018

Tra le new entry di Theresia c’è Marcello Trinchero, prima tromba nella nostra orchestra

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Meet Theresia: Austro Ensemble

August 25, 2016

Si sono incontrati grazie a Theresia e hanno fondato un quintetto di fiati: Austro Ensemble.

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Meet Theresia: a Venetian diary (part two)

May 6, 2016

Let’s keep on meeting some of the musicians that are participating to workshop and auditions here in San Giorgio Maggiore Island in Venice. Yesterday we talked with Clara, Vadym and Samuel: today we are meeting Taylor Townsend, 26 year, horn player from Colorado, USA. “Yes, I am from Colorado, but I haven’t been living in […]

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