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Theresia’s team at the REMA conference

October 12, 2021

Two-day conference of round-table discussions and workshops to enhance knowledge, information and co-operations in the early music field.

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The international heart of Theresia

September 8, 2021

Do you know how many nationalities are composing Theresia Orchestra? The project has been international from its very beginning, but the number of members coming from abroad has spread up during the years. Let’s give a look at the numbers!

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A glimpse on the oncoming Theresia’s activity

August 6, 2021

After a long and forced pause due to Covid pandemic, Theresia is back on track with bigger projects for both the youth orchestra and the alumni orchestra. Artistic Director Mario Martinoli talks about news and future of Theresia Project.

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Theresia Orchestra launches new 2020 concert season

January 8, 2020

  Theresia’s new concert season starts again, with the first residence in 2020 and two concerts in January.

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Theresia Orchestra – A year in review

December 29, 2019

This is the time of the year when each of us looks back and considers what happened in the previous twelve month: was that a good year? Did something exciting happen? Or were they boring and unsuccessful? Here in Theresia we can proudly answer that our 2019 has been awesome!

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Per Theresia un agosto nel nome di Kraus

August 1, 2019

Nel mese di agosto ci aspettano due concerti, un cd e tre conferenze nel nome di Kraus

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Theresia a Ginevra per Les Concerts de Saint-Germain

June 25, 2019

Il prossimo progetto ci fa ritrovare Chiara Banchini e ci porta a Ginevra: il 7 e l’8 luglio Theresia sarà in concerto ospite di Les Concerts de Saint-Germain

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Continua la campagna per il 5×1000 a sostegno di Theresia

May 28, 2019

Con il tuo 5×1000 alla Fondazione iCons puoi diventare anche tu protagonista e contribuire a finanziare fino a 10 nuove borse di studio per altrettanti giovani musicisti.

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Da Mantova a Bolzano, i prossimi concerti

May 21, 2019

Ecco il calendario dettagliato dei prossimi concerti: in un’estate particolarmente ricca, Theresia sarà a Mantova, Ginevra, Bolzano, Rovereto e Milano

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Dai voce alla cultura donando il 5 per 1000 a sostegno di Theresia

May 15, 2019

È possibile sostenere attivamente le attività di Theresia destinando il 5 per 1000 alla Fondazione iCons. Un piccolo gesto per dare voce alla cultura!

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