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Theresia, welcome to the new members

By Emilia Campagna

May 23, 2016

After the end of the Venice workshop and auditions, now we have the names of the new members: 27 musicians were selected to join Theresia and take part in TYBO’s musical stages and orchestral projects in 2016-2019. The youngest are Simone Pirri and Samuel Casale, respectively Italian violinist and flutist born in 1994, the oldest is Noemy Gagnog-Lafrenais, Canadian violinist born in 1988. Altogether the selected candidates have an average age of 26 years.

Ten violinists, five viola players, five cellist, two double-bass players, one horn player, one flutist, two oboe players and two bassoon players were selected, coming from Italy (6), Spain (5), Poland (4), France (2), Brasil, Canada, China, Colombia, Japan, Indonesia, England, Holland, Ukraine, USA.

Participants to the workshop were 31, selected on the basis of their curriculum from 122 applications received: as our conductors said, level was really high! Now all we are looking forward to next concert tour, that will take place in August in Bolzano, Rovereto and Rimini.

We met some of the new members of TYBO during the workshop’s days: stay tuned for the next “Meet Theresia” interviews!

Two clarinet players, two trumpet players and one trombonist were selected on the basis of video recorded performance.


Here are all the new members!

[row padding_top=”” padding_bottom=”” bg=”” bg_light=”true” appear=”false”] [column size=”1-2″ appear=”false”]Joanna Aksnowicz (POLAND) Violin
Anna Luiza Aleksandrow (POLAND) Viola
Vicente Beltran (SPAIN) Bassoon
Arthur Bolorinos (FRANCE) Clarinet
Samuel Casale (ITALY) Flute
Andre’ Costa (BRAZIL) Violin
Bartolomeo Dandolo Marchesi (ITALY) Cello
Nicolò Dotti (ITALY) Oboe
Alaia Ferran (SPAIN) Viola
Amaya Figuerendo Garcia (SPAIN) Violin
Noemy Gagnon-Lafrenais (CANADA) Violin
Giulia Gillio Gianetta (ITALY) Cello
Emanuele Goggio (ITALY) Trumpet
Katarzyna Kmieciak (POLAND) Violin
Maryse Legaul (CANADA) Clarinet
Neven Lesage (FRANCE) Oboe
Katarzyna Litwiniuk (POLAND) Viola
[/column] [column size=”1-2″ appear=”false”]
Chloé Lucas (FRANCE) Double-Bass
Yan Ma (CINA) Violin
Matteo Macchia (ITALY) Trumpet
Vadym Makarenko (UKRAINE) Violin
Zaynab Martin (ENGLAND) Double-Bass
Francisco Olmedo Molina (SPAIN) Trombone
Alejandro Perez Marin (COLOMBIA) Bassoon
Simone Pirri (ITALY) Violin
Clara Rada Gomez (SPAIN) Cello
Fernando Santiago Garcia (SPAIN) Cello
Giulia Sardi (ITALY) Violin
Yoko Tanaka (JAPAN) Viola
Taylor Townsend (USA) Horn
Anne Linde Visser (HOLLAND) Cello
Satryo Yudomartono (INDONESIA) Violin[/column] [/row]

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