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“A spontaneous and modern theatre that is fun to perform.”
Soprano Eleonora Bellocci on Theresia’s latest album release

April 30, 2024

Another gem has been added to Theresia’s already rich discography: CPO has recently released a two-CD box set featuring the recording of our performance of Domenico Cimarosa’s opera “Le Astuzie Femminili”, conducted by Alessandro De Marchi at the 2022 Reate Festival. To highlight this release, we caught up with the female protagonist, soprano Eleonora Bellocci.

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Our places: Teatro di Villa Torlonia

October 12, 2022

It seems like we can’t help but perform in beautiful and fairytale places. And our next destination is no less. Follow us in Teatro di Villa Torlonia.

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Alessandro De Marchi, Theresia and “Le Astuzie Femminili”

October 4, 2022

“Cimarosa’s style is something in between Mozart and Rossini: as a matter of fact, his style is very personal, and, as though it is mostly comical, it has some very lyrical moments. This is an opera you can’t help but fall in love with, and this is what is happening to us right us.”

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Theresia’s autumn concert season

September 27, 2022

After an intense summer, our musicians are ready to start rehearsing again and diving into new exciting musical adventures

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