Meet Theresia: Pantea Moshfegh

By Emilia Campagna

May 17, 2019

Let’s continue to getting to know musicians who have joined Theresia recently: today we have asked violinist Pantea Moshfegh, 27 years old, from Iran, to tell us something about her experience.

Pantea, where are you actually studying or working?

I came to Graz, Austria 8 years ago and started my bachelor at the university of music and performing arts in the field of modern violin. During my master I started baroque violin parallelly. After a while I was quite drawn to it and decided to take the entrance exam and start studying baroque violin. Now I’m studying baroque violin with Susanne Scholz in Graz and am also working as violin teacher and freelance musician.

Have you quit the modern one?

Not at all, I still play modern violin, mostly in orchestra and for teaching. In general, I love the music and playing violin, from any period! But what I like the most about baroque violin is the loyalty to music and historical performance practice which one can’t find easily in modern violin playing, studying or performing …

It’s very nice to get to know so many people from my age who chose the same path and have the same enthusiasm in historical performance practice studies.

When did your passion for the period instrument start?

The first time I heard/saw an early music Ensemble was on the TV channel Mezzo, I was about 16 years old. It was Jordi Savall Ensemble. I remember how fascinated I was. At that time I knew nothing about early music but after a while of reading and searching, it turned to one of my dearest passions… When I came to Graz I never thought I would choose it as my main activity and subject in music but my experience with modern violin and studying it changed my perspective completely. It’s been 2 years since I changed my direction and I couldn’t be happier.

How have you known about Theresia?

I heard about the orchestra from my colleagues in Graz who already played with Theresia Orchestra. I heard that there’s an audition soon and I thought it would be an interesting experience.

How has the experience gone so far?

Really nice, I’m very happy with the repertoire we have been playing. It’s a very pleasant feeling to make music with so many great musicians who have the same passion for music. I also appreciate working with Alfredo Bernandini very much. He has amazing ideas and express them so well that it comes naturally to us.
Beside, it’s very nice to get to know so many people from my age who chose the same path and have the same enthusiasm in historical performance practice studies. I’ve been mostly in Graz, where we have an amazing early music department, but I find it very important to meet people from other countries, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Where do you see yourself in five or ten years? Do you think you’d rather be a soloist, have your own chamber ensemble or play in an orchestra?

“It’s a really difficult question. In general, I love performing – solo, in orchestra or small ensembles… And I’d be also very interested in researching and teaching. But I think I’d like mostly playing in a small ensemble, somewhere where one can share ideas and learn from other people. In Graz, I experienced this with the Violin Consort Ensemble which we founded with three of my colleagues. We play mostly music from the early baroque period. I think it’s very rewarding to play in a small ensemble because it helps you to discover and shape your own voice and taste in music.”

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