Our soloists: Assen Boyadjiev and Olga Pashchenko

By Emilia Campagna

July 20, 2015

Maybe you don’t know that Assen Boyadjiev and Olga Pashchenko , the two soloists that will perform with Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra on 21th and 22nd August, are old friends of the orchestra. As a matter of fact, we met in our first experience: it was October 2012 and Theresia was just born! Both Assen and Olga took part in the first edition of Premio Ferrari, an International Fortepiano Competition held in Rovereto: Theresia was the resident orchestra and had the task of performing with the soloists during the final stage, conducted by Claudio Astronio.
It was a thrilling evening, with all the competitors performing Mozart’s Concerto K 271, and Concerto n. 1 op. 5 and “Capriccio” op. 28 by Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari. Besides Olga and Assen, final competitor were also Nicoleta Ion (Romania) and Elizaveta Miller (France). At the end, the Jury chaired by Malcolm Bilson gave the First Prize to Olga Pashchenko . Assen took the Third Prize and the “Theresia” Special Prize for the best performace of Mozart’s Concerto too.
So, when our artistic director Mario Martinoli decided to schedule the Double Concerto for Harpsichord and Fortepiano by CPE Bach it was a natural decision to invite Assen Boyadjiev and Olga Pashchenko : now we are looking forward to the stage with Chiara Banchini. Sure it will be challenging and stimulant for all of us.
In the meantime, let’s browse the photo album looking for old pictures of the collaboration beetwen Theresia, Assen Boyadjiev and Olga Pashenko: give a look to the photo gallery!

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