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New voices on our blog

By Emilia Campagna

August 30, 2022

We are happy and proud to welcome our Ambassadresses as contributors to Theresia’s blog! As part of the Ambassadorship program in which they were involved, Anna Krzyżak, Irina Fârtat and Lena Ruisz are now part of the editorial team of the blog. This is one of the outcomes of the four-day co-creation workshop that we held in July, when ICONS’ experts gave them information and explanations about various types of communication.

How to write a blog post was part of the workshop, and we decided to make the experience more complete by suggesting that our Ambassadresses contribute to a real blog, Theresia’s one, seen as a place where they could share and recount their experiences, give their fresh point of view on the music we play, help to increase awareness and knowledge of HIP.

Moreover, as they come from three different European countries, we decided to enhance the chance to reach new readers by publishing in both English and their own language. So, for the first time, you will be able to read their blog posts in turn in Polish, Rumanian and Hungarian!

The first post to be published is by Anna Krzyżak, who helps us discover some hidden gems in the 19-century viola repertoire. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more posts to come!

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