The new string project: Cambini, Kraus and Boccherini

By Emilia Campagna

January 16, 2019

What’s better than an entire week of chamber music, working on classical Quartets and Quintets together with two renowned musicians? The new string project, i.e. the first Academy of 2019, is being an amazing experience: it started on Monday 14th and will go on till Friday, with tutors violinist Chiara Banchini and cellist Roel Dieltiens.

Our home for this week of study and music is the venue of Fondazione iCons in Lodi, the perfect place for focusing and working in small ensembles.

The musicians involved in this new project are sixteen, coming from six different countries: fourteen of them are string players, plus the flutists Simone Casale and Eva Ivanova Dyatlova.

The Academy will end on Saturday 19th with a concert at Sala Rivolta (Teatro alla Vigne) in Lodi. Our musicians will perform part of the program studied during the Academy: the first of three pieces will be the Quartet in D by Giuseppe Maria Cambini, performed by Samuel Casale (Italia) – flute, Gemma Longoni (Italia) – violin, Alaia Ferran (Spagna) – viola and Bartolomeo Dandolo Marchesi (Italia) – cello. Next will be the Flute Quartet by Joseph Martin Kraus, played by Eva Ivanova-Dyatlova (Russia) – flute, Abel Balazs (Portogallo) – violin, Gabriele Toscani (Italia) – violin, Ania Wieczorek (Polonia) – viola and Martyna Jankowska (Polonia) – cello. Last but not least, Luigi Boccherini’s Quintet G337 will end the concert, played by Gabriele Toscani (Italia) – violin, Sophie Simpson (UK) – violin, Elena Gelmi (Italia) – viola, Giulia Gillio Gianetta (Italia) – cello, Lino Mendoza (Messico) – double bass

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