Olga Pashchenko: “Theresia is real musical life”

By Emilia Campagna

December 10, 2018

Olga Paschchenko, harpsichordist and pianist who performed (and will perform) with Theresia Youth Orchestra in more than an occasion, is one of our favourite musicians: she’s a real pro in the musical field, with a huge experience as a concert player, as well as a contestant in international competitions and as a teacher of advanced students.

Olga, we met last in August 2015, when you played as a soloist with Theresia: what has happened during these three years?

“Life has been quite exciting all these years. For example, I started teaching keyboard instruments in the Conservatories of Amsterdam and Ghent and I issued several CDs; I have also played a lot of different programs on organ, harpsichord, fortepiano and modern piano.”

Your first partnership with the orchestra was in 2012, when you won the Premio Ferrari competition playing the fortepiano: what do you recollect of that experience, after six years?

“That was definitely a great experience back then, I have the most beautiful memories. The orchestra was very enthusiastic and played very well under the baton of the wonderful Claudio Astronio.”

In 2020 you will perform again with Theresia, playing Beethoven’s First Concerto under the baton of Alfredo Bernardini, which is one of our principal conductors together with Chiara Banchini and Claudio Astronio. Have you already worked with or met Alfredo Bernardini?

“I totally love Alfredo as a musician and as a person as well: we met at many different occasions and once we did a project with Bach’s Cantatas together.”

You are still playing both fortepiano, harpsichord and modern piano: how can you deal with the technical differences between these instruments? Do you manage to work in contemporary on different projects involving different instruments or do you focus on one at a time?

“My main idea is to play the pieces on the instrument that these pieces were composed for. So I decided to limit myself to keyboard instruments. Accordion is, unfortunately, missing at the moment… However, with all other keyboard instruments I meet on an everyday basis and very often play mixed programs.”

You are now a teacher, as well as a concert player: in your opinion, how much is it important for young musicians to join youth projects like Theresia? Would you recommend to string students to try the upcoming Theresia’s auditions?

“In my opinion, the presence of such projects has a very high significance. The young professionals get a possibility to grow and develop their skills in a very lively environment and to do exactly what they are aiming to do in life. I think it is a great opportunity to get precious experience in such projects because that is actually real musical life.”

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