Our places: Antiruggine

By Emilia Campagna

October 4, 2016

The name is anything but usual, and at the same time it is full of meaning: Antiruggine, i.e. rust preventer, is the name of the place in which Theresia will perform its concert on Sunday 9th October. It is a new venue, and as it often happens to us, a place whose importance goes beyond the music.

Antiruggine is a former industrial shed in which for the last ten years the celebrated Italian cellist Mario Brunello and his wife have been hosting expositions, concerts, lectures: its name is “Antiruggine” because – as the “Manifesto” says on its website – “in the “shed”, place that we will use to create thoughts and ideas, once they used to work iron. It was hard work, made of fire and earth, that tenacity, passion, intelligence could bend and shape.” In the same way “we do not leave our minds to rust.” As Brunello often says, “as antirust removes encrustations from the iron, so the music should remove the mental ones.”

Being an unconventional venue for cultural events, Antiruggine doesn’t have an established calendar of initiatives; the events are programmed from time to time, and, above all, the organizers try to put together different languages: pairing a lecture with a concert, an exposition with a film projection, and so on. Everything is open and addressed to open minds. The relation with the public is just like that: there is no entry ticket, but it doesn’t mean it is free entry: it is a “responsible entry“, which means that everybody has the responsibility to decide how much to pay for each event.

In these days Antiruggine is hosting a photography exposition, “Delle civiltà al limite” (“Civilizations on the edge”), that can be visited on Saturday and Sunday till 12 November: it is an exposition with pictures by Massimo Branca, Igor Marchesan ed Emanuele Confortin. Massimo Branca and Igor Marchesan reportage shows how people in Bucarest live in underground houses, inside the manhole covers, along with street tribes of Gara de Nord. A small parallel society to the greatest, who created it and then forgotten it. The images by Emanuele Confortin document his reporting on the route of the migrants, from the Syrian border through Turkey, Greece along the Way of the Balkans. He lived in Idomeni Purgatory , the refugee camp “Shame of Europe”.

For those who are coming to the concert, it will be a very strong contrast: a mental shake perfectly in line with the aims of Antiruggine.


Theresia will perform at Antiruggine on Sunday 9 October at 9 p.m.: find more about the program reading the interview with conductor Claudio Astronio.

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