Happy Early Music Day!

By Emilia Campagna

March 21, 2019

We are glad to wish you Happy Early Music Day!

Today, it is not only the first day of Springtime (which is, indeed, a good news per se). Today it is also the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach, and all over Europe you can enjoy a number of live concerts celebrating it.

We are particulary glad to bring to your attention a special concert organized by Italian National Radio – Radio 3: tuonight, our conductor Claudio Astronio will perform as a harpsichordist together with soprano Laura Catrani live from Sala A during the radio Show Radio3 Suite. The program will alternate early and contemporary music, with music by Jean Nicolas Pancrace Royer, John Cage, Georg Friedrich Händel, Philip Glass, Henry Purcell, Massimo Botter, Emanuele Casale, Antonio Vivaldi, Alessandro Solbiati, Arvo Pärt, Alessandro Stradella, Olli Mustonen, Claudio Monteverdi.

The concert will start at 8.30 pm and you can listen to it HERE

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